stock market exposure with exchange traded funds

  Symbol  BUY                  SELL IN or OUT
efa STOP @
World Stock Market EFA 75.25 73.75 I AM OUT
eem STOP @ SOLD @
Emerging Markets EEM 54.25 53.75 I AM OUT
             spy STOP @ SOLD @  
US Stock Market
SPY 384.50 386.75 I  AM  OUT
qqq STOP @ SOLD @  
QQQ 312.00 317.75 I  AM  OUT


maturities with bond exchange traded funds

Symbol     BUY       SELL  IN or OUT
Short Term BSV 82.65 82.95 I  AM OUT
 ief  STOP  SOLD
7 – 10 year IEF 118.25 118.50 I  AM  OUT
tlt STOP @  SOLD 
20 plus years TLT 146.25 160.50 I  AM  OUT
 lqd  STOP  SOLD
Corporate Taxable LQD 134.00 136.35 I  AM  OUT
 mub  STOP  SOLD
Tax Free/muni MUB 116.50 116.75 I  AM  OUT


     gld STOP @
Gold GLD 170.00 175.60 I  AM  OUT
          uup STOP @  SOLD @
US Dollar UUP 24.50 24.35  I  AM  OUT
     uso BOT STOP @
OIL USO 28.25 39.50 I AM IN

It is important that you follow the guidelines. BUY and SELL @THE PRICE IN THE BOX and remain IN the market when the price is above BUY and OUT when the price is below SELL.

I do not recommend you short markets or use inverse exchange traded funds unless you are a sophisticated investor experienced with these strategies. CLICK ON SYMBOL FOR MORE INFORMATION AND CURRENT PRICE. If you do not have an advisory account with me and would like action alerts, send me your email address from link at bottom of page.

The difference between IN and OUT entry or exit is an attempt to prevent being whipsawed and the realization that there is never a guaranteed entry or exit point