About Steve

I am Steve Slattery and this is my site. I do not want to be your broker because you do not need one. I have developed a proprietary exchange traded fund (etf) trading management system that relies on a combination of real time moving averages, gain/loss totals and volatility indices that along with my 35 years of fundamental stock market experience tell me when to be in the market and when to be out.

Brokerage firms idea of managed money is a one size fits all cookie cutter approach that generates a revenue stream from Main Street to Wall Street. If you are buying and selling individual bonds in the secondary market you would be shocked at the true cost. Your finances are personal; your portfolio should be also. Using exchange traded funds we can build a diversified portfolio that reflects your situation and needs with the realization that managed money means that there are times to be IN the market and times to be OUT of the market.

You determine your risk level because no one can tell you how much risk you should have. You determine if and when you want exposure to U.S. and foreign stock markets, short,  intermediate or long term bonds (taxable or tax free), gold or the US dollar. I like using exchange traded funds because it takes away the risk of individual stocks and bonds and a number of these funds are commission free at discount online brokers.

This is not a get rich plan but a wealth management capital preservation program. I do not know where the stock market, interest rates, gold or the US dollar are going because I believe there are two types of investors: those who do not know and those who do not know they do not know. I do not know what is going to happen. I rely on numbers to tell me when to be in the market and when to be out.

In rallies I will be net long or neutral.

In corrections I will be net short or neutral.

In either, I will not be a hero and fight the prevailing winds because I am satisfied with singles and doubles. I am not trying to hit home runs.

This web site will help you if you feel that you do not need a full service broker because you realize markets feed the few and are funded by many and the latest financial regulations will not prevent but create the next crisis.

I need to pay tribute to my late good friend Brad Dunlap who got me started with the trading methods of W.D. Gann. There is no such thing as a sure fire trading system but there are setups that can be profitable if you spend time watching markets. I will be forever grateful to Brad.